Frequently Asked Questions & Pool Coping Ideas

What is Pool Coping?

The words pool coper and pool coping are used to describe a paving product that is specifically designed to go around a swimming pool or spa or to be used as steps or to cap a wall. The exposed edges that extend into the pool are shaped most commonly into either a bullnose or square edge.

What is a Pool Beam?

A swimming pool beam is the width of concrete around the swimming pool onto which the pool paving or coping is laid. Most pool beams are 200mm thick. Our 230mm wide copers are designed for this beam width giving you a 30mm overlap (the amount the coper extends into the pool). Some pools are designed and concrete poured for a larger beam. Our 500mm copers are used in this instance. Fibreglass pools often require a 500mm or 600mm coper If you are yet to have your pool beam poured contact us for advice on the best width for your pool.

Why should I use a specialist pool paving installation team?
There are many considerations when it comes to choosing and laying pool paving. Often we are called on to fix-up problems that have occurred because these fundamental considerations have not been made. For your peace of mind use a specialist in the field.

Can I use coping or the bullnose paving for anything else?

You can use pool coping or bullnose pavers for steps, wall capping or garden bed edging.

Is delivery included in the price of the paving and/or coping?

Delivery is generally not included in the price of the paving or coping. We use a local cartage company and pass the cost onto you directly. We do not add anything to the delivery cost. If you choose to use The Pool Paving Specialists for your installation we may be able to deliver free of charge depending on the quantity of paving required.

Should I seal the stone?

It depends! Every stone has different density and composition. There are many types of sealants which offer various levels of protection. The best thing is to discuss the issue with us on site. We work closely with sealant product manufacturers to make sure we offer the most appropriate advise and sealant service. Please don’t buy and apply a sealant product without speaking with us first.

Is sandstone suitable for saltwater pools?

In recent years sandstone has won an unfair reputation for being unsuitable for use around salt water pools. Partly due to an influx of very porous sandstone material. All stone is potentially prone to salt attack. Whatever material you install around your pool it is essential that it is adequately protected from salt attack. The level of protection required depends on the density/porousity of the stone and how the top surface of the stone is finished.  Click here for more information pool coping ideas for sealing your stone.

What are the extra costs involved?

  • The cost of sealant supply and application
  • For fibreglass pools there will be a caulking charge which makes a watertight seal between the fibreglass shell and the underside of the pool coping.
  • For pool renovations you may have to think about the cost of removing and disposing of the old coping material.
  • If you want extra paving around the pool allow for the cost of additional concrete to be poured as well as supply and install of matching paving stones.

Our Ethical Policy

We import our sandstone directly and have personally visited the facilities from which our stone is sourced. We believe in fair and ethical trading and we use suppliers that are certified compliant with the ETI (Ethical Trade Initiative) Base Code.

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Stone Supply

We specialise in sourcing stone which is an ideal choice for pool surrounds providing a large range of mellow colours that are not too dark (absorb heat) not too light (bright, reflective).
The stones, colours and finishes have been selected based on our experience of the Australian market, climate and conditions.
The stone we supply has been tested for use around pools.
Our natural stone paving and coping has an enduring timelessness that never dates.
The natural colour variance of the stone is part of its charm and lends a depth, warmth and character to the pool surrounds & landscaping.
The surfaces of the stones are anti-slip and yet smooth enough to provide comfort underfoot or when seated on the pool edge.
We take extra care when it comes to the way the stone is cut and finished. We have a strict thickness tolerance of -2mm/+2mm.This means there is a uniformity of thickness.
Any material used around a pool must be sealed with a suitable quality sealant to protect against stains, chlorine, salt and UV degradation. We offer a sealant supply and application service.