Is it ok to use sandstone coping tiles coping tiles around salt-water chlorinated pools?

We are often asked whether it is ok to use sandstone around pools.  The short answer is yes, but sandstone around pools MUST be sealed with advanced salt protection.  If you want to learn more then read on…

There are two main types of swimming pool water treatment used in Melbourne domestic swimming pools –  traditional chlorination system and a salt-water chlorination system.

Most stone is fine to use around the traditional system of pool chlorination.  With salt-water pools some precautions need to be made for certain stone types.

High grade bluestone and limestone typically does not react to the salt-water if the correct ph levels are maintained.

Sandstone however has won an unfair reputation for being an inadequate stone for use around pools treated with salt-chlorination.

While it is true that corrosion can occur in sandstone, particularly types of sandstone that are highly porous and contain high levels of silica, it is possible to take preventative measures.

If you choose a salt-water system this does not preclude the use of sandstone as pool coping.

If you use want to use sandstone around a salt-water pool the stone must be adequately protected with a premium anti-salt sealant.

The Pool Paving Specialists & Prestige Surfaces

How to use sandstone around pools

The Pool Paving Specialists love using sandstone around a pool. 

This is why we have combined forces with Prestige Surfaces to develop a high grade product that works by impregnating the stone.

We offer the following sealant services for sandstone around pools.  Your needs will vary depending on your order and whether you have additional paving material to seal.  We will generally recommend a combination of services 1 and 2

Service 1 | Pre-install Dip Seal

The stone is pre-sealed by us on order.  Please allow 5 working days.
In addition a small amount of sealant is supplied for touching up cut surfaces during install process.

The most effective way to seal the sandstone around pools against salt-attack.
Some pool companies specify that pre-sealed stone is not to be used – please check with your pool building contractor

Service 2 | Professional Application

Optimum Surface Package
Detailed mechanical & chemical clean of all stone surfaces
Surface neutral PH balancing
Application of premium impregating sealant

Peace of mind of a professional applicator
Seals the grout
Additional option to seal against stains

Service 3 | Supply of Premium Sealant

Sealant application needs very specific conditions for the product to work effectively.  If done incorrectly the stone may not be sealed adequately leading to problems down the track and additional expense to rectify.

It should be noted that The Pool Paving Specialists can take no responsibility for corrosion of stone placed around a salt-water pool.

It is the clients’ responsibility to adequately protect and maintain the stone and to ensure the correct ph levels of the pool water are maintained.