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Adrian & Katie Woods began the business in October 2010.  The vision – to work closely with clients to create beautiful pool surrounds in Melbourne using high quality natural stone paving without the hassle.  Previous to this Adrian was working in the pool industry as a specialist contractor installing pool coping.  He was able to observe at first hand the problems and lack of specialised support that clients encounter when it comes to choosing the right material for their pool paving.

In the prevailing system clients are instructed by pool builders to source their own pool coping.

More often than not at least one of the following problems occurs:

  • You are sold inappropriate material
  • Important factors go unconsidered and lead to under or over ordering
  • You are sold standard coping tiles that do not fit the concrete beam of your pool.

In all of these cases there is extra cost and trouble to the client.

We have set out to solve these problems and make the whole process less confusing and ultimately more enjoyable and more cost effective to our clients.

Contact Details

Adrian Woods – Director

0425 785 969


PO Box 383 EMERALD VIC 3782

Contact Hours

7am – 7pm Monday to Friday

9am to 2pm Saturday

Our Values

  • We listen to our clients vision
  • We interpret and apply our knowledge and experience
  • We respect the customer environment
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Quality of materials
  • Take responsibility for our products and work
  • We use products that function consistently over time
  • We create beautiful pool surrounds that are built to last
  • Develop strong word of mouth reputation

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